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At Thrivent Credit Union, we take your security seriously. Bookmark this special page and use it to find updates, resources and additional information about security breaches and fraud that may compromise your financial information.
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Know your risks

It only takes hackers a few minutes to capture and use sensitive, personal data. Cybercriminals don’t need much. An email address, a partial credit card number, or even a name and address is often enough to steal your identity. Plus, many breach victims don’t realize they’ve been targeted for a week or longer.

Read our online security tips and available resources listed below so you can stay secure.
Available security resources
At Thrivent Credit Union, we take your security seriously. Bookmark and utilize these useful resources on security related topics to help you stay in-the-know about security breaches, fraud and other topics that can help you protect your financial information.

IRS scams

Free monthly cybersecurity newsletter

Consumer advice from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

NCUA fraud prevention center

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)