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Experience the joy of generosity

Giving back isn’t just a good deed. It’s a financial goal. We’ll help you reach it.
Building generosity into your budget and schedule can take thoughtful planning. That’s why Thrivent Credit Union (TCU) offers guidance and resources to help you serve the people and causes you care about.
We’re proud to offer banking solutions that leave space for generosity, to help people make the most of all they’ve been given.
– Ron Orrick, Thrivent Credit Union Interim President
Plan intentionally with BalanceWorks®
Work charitable donations into your budget with our BalanceWorks® system. It’s a free money management tool just for TCU members. You can explore new ways to allocate portions of your income toward needs, wants, savings – and giving.
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Lead a Thrivent Action Team

A donation of your time can be just as rewarding as a monetary contribution.

When you join TCU, we’ll also provide you with an associate membership in Thrivent, our sponsor organization. Thrivent clients with benefit and associate membership can support their communities by bringing together a Thrivent Action Team of friends and family for a fundraiser, service project or educational event. You’ll make a difference – and Thrivent will give you up to $250 to jump-start your project.

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