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Build credit with Thrivent Credit Union

The health of your credit score plays a big role in helping achieve your financial goals. Buying a home, a car or just taking out a loan all hinge on the strength of your credit. So, what do you really know about your own credit?

  • How much do you owe in consumer debt?
  • What interest rate are you paying?
  • Do you know how many credit cards you used in the past month?

If you don't know the answers to the questions above, it's time to tune up your credit IQ.

Conduct a self assessment

Past spending decisions can play a major role in your financial future. Review the questions below and identify the roadblocks in your own credit history:

  • Is a high interest rate limiting your ability to pay down debt?
  • Can you only afford to make minimum payments on multiple accounts each month?
  • Is it hard to keep track of multiple monthly bills?
  • Do you wonder if you will ever be able to get ahead?

Create a game plan

Don't let overwhelming credit issues prevent you from achieving financial freedom. At TCU, we'll help you make a manageable plan based on your unique situation. Some possibilities include:

  • Debt consolidation, which may reduce your payments and interest rate.
  • Restructuring debt, which may help you free up cash or pay debt sooner.
  • Making online payments to help you avoid late fees.
  • Refinancing your vehicle or mortgage loans, which may free up cash for other goals.