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First-Time Homebuyer's Guide

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From finding a realtor to finding the right mortgage, use this free guide to navigate your home-buying journey.

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Many families feel pressure to have the best of everything. The nicest car, the nicest lawn and (no surprise) the nicest house. But bigger isn't always better. At Thrivent Credit Union, we want to help you buy the home you love, with enough money left over to live the life you love. That's why we crafted a 10-step roadmap called the First-Time Homebuyer's Guide.
Get the free guide and learn how to:

• Prepare your finances for the home-buying journey.,
• Dig into your credit to assess the health of your finances.
• Weigh the costs that come along with a new home.
• Find a realtor who meets your needs.
• Navigate the mortgage process.
• Prepare for long-term home-ownership.

Plus, get access to helpful resources like:

• House Hunter's Checklist
• Map of the home-buying journey
• Tips and tricks to save money
• Definitions of the various home loans, and more.