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Bring intention to your money with the BalanceWorks® system

Make wise and thoughtful spending, saving and giving decisions with the BalanceWorks® system, an exclusive TFCU tool that allows you to divide your monthly income into four important categories:


Mortgage payments, car payments, tithing and insurance


Clothes, entertainment and other discretionary spending


Anything you don't allocate for bills and spending


Charitable contributions or weekly church donations

Every dollar in your bank account has a purpose. When you split cash into the BalanceWorks accounts, you can mindfully build savings, pay down debt and make intentional spending decisions.

How it works

  1. Save first
    Your monthly income and any other deposits will go into your Savings account to make savings your first priority.
  2. Align goals with accounts
    Think about your financial goals and use the TFCU dollar tool to determine how much money should go into your Needs, Wants and Giving accounts.
  3. Set up transfers
    Help prevent overspending by using online banking to set up monthly transfers from your Savings account to your other BalanceWorks accounts.
  4. Set up bill pay
    Set up online transfers from your Needs account to pay reoccurring monthly bills on time.
  5. Adjust as needed
    Use the Money Management™ dashboard to see your spending and saving activity at a glance and adjust on the go.