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Word to the wise: Watch for these terms in home listings


Anyone who has searched for houses or rental properties knows that deciphering the listings is more of an art than a science. While "cozy" can be "quaint," it usually means the place is too small for a big-screen TV.
If you are planning to sell your home, has identified many keywords that can either help your listing stand out or hinder your efforts.

Words that sell

  • Remodel - Recent work is worth detailing for buyers.
  • Stainless (also Granite, Tile, Pergola) - Mention features that convey upgrades and those not found in all homes.
  • Landscaped - Your yard is just as valuable to describe as your house.
  • Spotless - Especially in lower-priced homes, cleanliness is a plus.
  • Basketball (also home theatre, dog room, rain garden) - Be specific if a truly unique feature sets the property apart.

Words to avoid

  • Potential - Buyers may think the house isn't finished.
  • Bargain - Price the home right and there is no need to elaborate.
  • Investment (or Investor) - Terms that tell buyers the house is cheap or suitable to flip (quickly fix and sell).
  • Nice - Generic words add no value.
  • Fixer (or TLC) - Most buyers prefer move-in ready.