Ron Orrick

Owner & President

Ron Orrick is President and founder of COUNCIO, a management consulting company. As the owner of COUNCIO, Ron helps companies and individuals realize their intent through outcomes, bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

Prior to founding COUNCIO, Ron served as the Vice President of Information Technology at Compassion International. In this role he was responsible for the organization’s global information technology practice. In addition to more than 30 years of experience in technology and 20 years in formal leadership, Ron has led in several other industries and was involved in some capacity in ministry.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in management (leadership) and a Master of Business Administration from American Military University, Ron has achieved success by intentionally investing in people, leading to significant revenue growth in several companies including AAA, bCom3, Leo Burnett and

With a dedication to constant learning and an understanding of self, Ron can often be found deep in conversation about individuality, group dynamics, and personality. He also enjoys reading on almost any topic. Ron understands what it means to find meaning and “roots” in your core identity and values, and he believes what we do is an extension of who we are.

Ron and his wife, Brigitte, live in Monument, CO among pine trees and in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak. With three kids “out of the house” and three kids at home, plus a cat, life in their household is rather dynamic.