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About us

Welcome to Thrivent Credit Union, one of the largest faith-based credit unions in the nation. We understand that your faith plays a role in many of your financial decisions. That's why we use guiding biblical principles to inspire the tools we create for you and the service we provide. We offer our members a new way of banking that combines financial expertise with shared Christian values of faith, family, stewardship and service. Plus, with more than $500 million in assets, we have the strength and stability that you can count on.

Generosity focus

What if you spent more time planning and preparing for charitable contributions? We know our members care about giving back. We do, too. Check out the list of organizations and non-profits we work with annually, and discover the ways we help members experience the joy of generosity through special banking features.

The Thrivent Family of Businesses

Thrivent is a mission-driven, membership-owned insurance and financial services organization helping Christians on their wise money journey, through a broad range of financial products, services and guidance.

Thrivent is TCU’s sponsor and all Thrivent members are eligible to apply for membership in the credit union. However, the credit union is not owned by Thrivent, but is instead owned by the credit union members.

Thrivent Mutual Funds, helps investors prepare for a more secure financial future. Learn more about their unique way of looking at money as a tool, not a goal, and their commitment to do the right thing by the clients and communities they serve.