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Student Tuition Line

Our Thrivent Student Tuition Line offers flexibility and easy access to funds while in school. You can use all or a portion of the funds certified by your school in the credit line at any time over the course of your education.

A Thrivent Student Tuition Line might be best for you if:

  • You have three or more years of schooling left.
  • You want the convenience of applying just one time.
  • You are comfortable with a rate that fluctuates and the possibility of the rate rising over time.

The Thrivent Student Tuition Line allows you to draw on the funds for qualified education expenses and only pay interest on the amount you have drawn while in school1.

View the current rate and repayment options available for all of our student loan options.

1 You may choose the interest only while in school repayment option, and after school regular payments of principal and interest are required.