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Personal Loans

Whatever your loan needs, we can help. We offer secured or unsecured loans and personal lines of credit. Use the loan to consolidate debt, pay for education expenses, finance a home improvement project, start a business and more.

Life Insurance Secured

If you have a life insurance policy with Thrivent Financial, you can borrow against that policy. Typically this type of loan has a lower rate than an unsecured loan. Terms up to 180 months (or 15 years) are available.

Certificate Secured

If you own a certificate, you can take a loan on the money in the certificate. The rate is based off the certificate rate plus a percentage and the term can be up to the maturity date of the certificate.

Reserve Line of Credit

This is an option that can be added to your checking account for emergencies or covering an unexpected expense. The interest rate is fixed, you only pay interest on the amount borrowed and there is no advance fee charge. You can easily transfer funds in online banking or call us to do it for you.

Preferred Line of Credit

This option is for cash needs greater than $5,000. The interest rate is typically lower than the Reserve Line of Credit and does not have to be tied to a checking account.

Personal Loan

If you don't have collateral to use, this is an option to borrow $2,500 or more for many purposes. Rates vary.

Contact a Member Service representative for current rates and options.

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