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Membership Eligibility

Thank you for your interest in Thrivent Federal Credit Union. Once you select your eligibility below, you will be directed to the mortgage application. Once your application is submitted a mortgage lender will call you to open the required Thrivent Share Savings account. Each member must open and maintain a Thrivent Share Savings account containing at least one 'par value share' in the credit union. The par value share, or required minimum, in Thrivent Federal Credit Union is $1. This makes you a part owner of the credit union with an equal vote, regardless of how much money you have with the credit union.

Please select from the following eligibility options.

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If you don't meet any of the eligibility options you can apply to become an Associate Member of Thrivent Financial. Enter the promotional code "TFBank" the application to receive a free Associate Membership. This process will appear in a new window. Please complete the Associate Membership application and then select the option "I filled out an application for Associate Membership with Thrivent Financial."