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BalanceWorks™ is a money management system that makes it easier to build savings and track spending. It's a combination of accounts categorized into Needs, Wants, Savings and Giving that will allow you to focus on:

  • Building your savings.
  • Paying down your debt.
  • Organizing your finances.
  • Achieving financial security.

Our Dollar Tool can help you see how you'll benefit from a more balanced approach to money management. Explore more about BalanceWorks by viewing the videos.

Get Started

How It Works

  • All of your income – paychecks, dividends, tax returns, gifts, etc. – goes into your Savings account.
  • Then, money for fixed expenses (like mortgage payments, car payments, tithing and insurance) is automatically transferred to a Needs account.
  • Money for variable expenses (like food, clothes, entertainment and other discretionary spending) is automatically transferred to a Wants account.
  • Anything you don't allocate for bills and spending stays in your Savings account.

Have Questions?

We're here to help make this approach work for you. Call us at 800-688-6031 to speak to a BalanceWorks™ specialist.

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