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Bring community service ideas to life with help from Thrivent

Generosity isn't always measured in dollars. Clearing your calendar for a local cause can be just as rewarding as making a monetary donation. By joining or leading a Thrivent Action Team, Thrivent Credit Union members are discovering the power of giving back through Christian volunteer opportunities.

What is a Thrivent Action Team?

Thrivent Action Teams are groups of volunteers who donate time and effort to help a charitable cause of their choice. As a Thrivent benefit or associate member, Thrivent will arm you with $250 of seed money for your project. That gives you the ability to lead an effort that will make your community a better place.

How it works

  1. Brainstorm an idea.
  2. Fill out an online application.
  3. Receive your Thrivent Action Kit, complete with seed money and planning and promotional materials.
  4. Lead your project.
  5. Report your success.