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TCU can support your financial journey, wherever you are

From borrowing to spending, and from saving to giving, we’re here to help you make choices that enable you to reach your financial goals—and protect your resources.


By not over-relying on debt, you can:

  • Align spending decisions with values.
  • Be thoughtful about borrowing.
  • Create a plan to reach big purchase goals.


Spending less than you earn means you are able to:

  • Evaluate and question your spending habits.
  • Be intentional about purchasing decisions.
  • Ask yourself: “How much do I need to be content?”


Living generously means you can:

  • Make room for generosity.
  • Contribute to causes that matter to you.
  • Experience the joy that giving back can bring.


Build an emergency reserve savings so you can:

  • Be ready for the unexpected.
  • Be intentional about creating a savings plan.
  • Prepare to leave a legacy.