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Balanced Homebuying™ facilitator resources

Planning for your purchase

As you know, buying a home is a big financial decision, and we can never be too prepared. In addition to the tips provided in the workshop, here are a few more resources you may find helpful as you work with clients.

Home prices vs. interest rates

How do interest rates affect home prices? Often, when interest rates are lower, housing prices tend to go higher based on supply and demand. Is that the case in your area? Request a customized report by contacting Karen Gajeski at

Rent vs. own

There are a lot of questions when it comes to buying a home, but these are usually the first:

  • How do you know it is time to buy?
  • How much down payment will I need?
  • Am I ready to maintain a home?
  • Type of properties to consider?

To help facilitate discussion around these questions, use our calculator.

TCU articles

Explore the homebuying process on or read select posts in the resources section, including:

Long-term home ownership

Planning for a future in a new home isn't just about buying a house. Consider incorporating the following into clients plans as well:

  • Life insurance: As a large investment, clients should not only carry enough insurance to cover the house, but they should also cover themselves.
  • Savings: Before closing on a new home, clients should have enough savings to cover repairs and miscellaneous items that are bound to come up when they least expect it. Unfortunately, some repairs can turn out to be quite costly.

Mortgage loan officers

Finally, you're not alone. TCU wants to partner with you to help clients make sound financial decisions. Consider our MLOs members of your team. Contact Karen Gajeski at to connect with the team.