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Manage your cash: Checking accounts for students

Going away to college comes with lots of newfound freedom. Sometimes the extra responsibility of paying for expenses and managing bills can leave students feeling overwhelmed. When students open a TFCU College Checking account, special features help them manage cash, loan payments and credit lines anywhere, anytime.

College checking account features

  • No dividends paid on account
  • Minimal balance to open the account is only $1. If you're a recipient of a TFCU student loan, we'll automatically fund your account with this dollar.
  • No minimum balance or monthly fee
  • Unlimited ATM withdrawals

A Thrivent Share Savings, Emergency Savings Share or TFCU College Checking account is a requirement for membership in Thrivent Federal Credit Union. To maintain membership a par value of one share ($1) must be kept in the account at all times. If you fall below the par value you have six months to increase the balance or your membership may be terminated.