Experience the benefits of the BalanceWorks® system

We live in a world where instant gratification sometimes outweighs purposeful thinking about money. How often do you create spending, saving and giving goals? How many budgets-gone-bad stories do you have in your past? We know it's hard to plan for short and long-term goals. That's why we created the Budget Tool. Find out how you'll benefit from a more balanced approach to money, and add the BalanceWorks® system to your account today.

Use the Budget Tool

Follow the steps by choosing your stage in life and entering your monthly take-home pay. Then, adjust the sliders on the dollar bill to find a budgeting breakdown that works for you.

Use the drop-down menu to select the persona that most closely represents your current situation.


Single and financially independent.
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Dual-earners without children.
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A household with children.
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Your take-home pay (or net pay) is the amount of money you actually earn (or get to take home) after taxes, benefit costs and retirement contributions are subtracted.
3. Move the sliders to change the proportions and find a balance that works.

Or, to have the Dollar Tool above show you a more accurate breakdown of your personalized spending plan, use the form below to fill in your monthly expenses for Needs, Wants, Savings and Giving. (Click down arrow on right to show form.)

4. Monthly expense breakdown (optional)
For a more in-depth and accurate view of your budget, fill out any applicable fields below.

The information you enter into the form below may not be secure. In order to protect your information, please refrain from entering account numbers or account details.

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Note: The information you enter on this page will not be saved. Due to the sensitive nature of the financial information you enter into the Budget Tool, please use caution when printing from or saving to a computer that you don't own or control.