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Take Charge of Your Credit Situation

Easy questions, but difficult answers

  1. How much do you owe on credit cards?
  2. What interest rate are you paying?
  3. Do you know how many credit cards you used in the past month?

In fact, it's typical not to know how much you owe or even how many credit cards you have. We have found it's much more common for our members to ignore uncomfortable facts like that.

Is now the time for you to make a meaningful change?

You can take advantage of a no-obligation phone consultation with one of our specialists to review your finances and look for ways you can pay down debts and save for future goals.

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Past, present and future

Our review will take a look at what you can do now to make financial progress. We can help you understand the past by reviewing the types of credit you have, payment history and more. Then we will study present income and spending to help you gain control. Finally, we will discuss potential ways you can take steps for the future.

Let's get started together

Count on Thrivent Federal Credit Union to offer practical solutions delivered with a faith-based approach. Call us today at 866-596-1508 to get started.

Must qualify for membership with the credit review.