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Seven Ways To Save Money at Home

The familiar saying that "every little bit counts" is true around the house – and in your pocketbook. Here are some everyday ways to save money so it's there when you need it for general upkeep or upgrades to your home.

  • Check filters. Clean or replace furnace and air conditioner filters regularly. Proper maintenance will save money on heating and cooling bills.
  • Fix faucets fast. You're throwing money down the drain if you let a leaky faucet fester. An average household leak wastes 10,000 gallons per year-enough to wash 270 loads of laundry! (epa.gov)
  • Direct ceiling fans. Set fans to run clockwise in winter months to send down heated air and counter-clockwise in summer months for a cooling effect.
  • Unplug. Even when turned off, household electronics consume power. Save money simply by unplugging unused cords or using smart power strips, which cut electricity to devices on standby.
  • Program thermostats. Install inexpensive programmable thermostats and put savings on auto pilot.
  • Replace shower heads. Low-flow showerheads do not affect water pressure; they just reduce the volume of water. The only thing you'll notice is a lower water bill.
  • Stop drafts. Your heating and cooling systems might work overtime if you don't seal drafty windows and doors. Energy savings adds up.