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Bringing balance to your mortgage

You may have heard the mortgage process compared to a roller-coaster ride, but what about a seesaw? For a mutually enjoyable ride, both sides work together. To make that happen, it's important to find a loan officer who is committed to understanding your unique situation.

Take closing costs, for example. You may be familiar with the practice of mortgage lenders offering home buyers a chance to pay discount points at closing in exchange for a lower mortgage interest rate. This may require a buyer to have significant cash on hand for closing.

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In today's market, you may not have the cash for closing costs, or perhaps you don't want to add them to the amount you borrow. To meet your needs, Thrivent Federal Credit Union can offer a slightly higher interest rate balanced by a credit given at closing, which may eliminate the need to bring cash to the closing.

We tailor each mortgage for members based on their circumstances and values. Rely on our experienced mortgage representatives to walk you through the process from start to finish.

See how smooth your mortgage experience can be in our video (3.5 min.).