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The right home needs the right mortgage

Buying a home is a very important financial milestone. You’re on the brink of making one of the largest investments of your life. It’s an exciting time, but it also can feel overwhelming. At Thrivent Federal Credit Union, we’re happy to help you through the process.

10 Steps to securing your mortgage

  1. Review the home loan checklist
    Take time to make sure you're prepared to begin the application process.
  2. Submit your online mortgage application
    You can apply for a home loan online in as little as 15 minutes.
  3. Supply supplemental information
    Once your loan application is received, we'll call you to let you know what information we'll need to verify your credit (pay stubs, W-2s, etc.).
  4. Receive your pre-qualification letter
    Arming yourself with a strong pre-qualification letter allows you to make an offer when you find the right house.
  5. Start your home search
    Filter your home search by cost, location and needs. Meanwhile, use TFCU's BalanceWorks tool to financially prepare for the added cost of home ownership.
  6. Find your home and make an offer
    Contact your realtor when you find the right home. Be prepared to negotiate your offer with the seller and rely on your realtor to help you through those discussions. Get a home inspection to make sure you’re aware of any problems with the property before you purchase it. Talk with your realtor about negotiating a resolution with the seller.
  7. Select your loan
    Some buyers want to secure the lowest monthly payment possible, while others want a payment that will never change. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the options and help you select a mortgage rate that works best with your lifestyle.
  8. Schedule an appraisal
    When the cost of the home is finalized, we’ll schedule a third-party appraisal to confirm that you’re paying a fair price for the property. The appraisal is the next step in securing your loan. It also ensures the property you’re purchasing is worth what you are paying for it.
  9. Lock and verify
    Once we receive the appraisal fee, we can lock in your interest rate for 30, 45 or 60 days. Your loan will then move to the underwriter who will make sure you have the ability to repay the debt you’re about to take on.
  10. Close
    Meet with a closing agent, sign your home loan documents, get the keys to your new home and move in!

Know your mortgage

There are many different kinds of home loans to explore. Each loan is different and meets various needs of the homebuyer. Learn more about the types of loans available, think through questions that will help you choose a loan and use the mortgage rates calculator to discover which loan is right for you.

All loans and lines of credit are subject to credit application, qualification and approval. Must qualify for membership.