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Who We Are

Our Purpose

At Thrivent Federal Credit Union, we guide members seeking meaningful change based on faith-based principles of money management.

Our Values Set Us Apart

We offer our members a new way of banking that combines financial expertise with shared Christian values of faith, family, stewardship and service. We understand that your faith may play a role in many of your decisions, including financial matters.

Thrivent Federal Credit Union is a logical fit with Thrivent Financial's history of aligning faith and finances. Thrivent Financial is our sponsor and all of its members are eligible to apply for membership in the credit union. However, the credit union is not owned by Thrivent Financial, but is instead owned by the credit union members.

Our Guiding Principles

We guide members to be wise with money based on the following faith-based principles:

  • Live generously (2 Corinthians 9:7);
  • Spend less than we earn (Luke 12:15);
  • Build emergency reserve savings (Proverbs 21:20);
  • Don't over rely on debt, especially bad debt (Proverbs 22:7);
  • Plan for financial goals (Luke 14:28);
  • Protect our families and our resources (Galatians 6:2).

Helping You to Reach Your Goals

With members as owners, Thrivent Federal Credit Union can reflect your values and goals. We strive to offer better rates on saving and borrowing as well as exceptional tools and educational support. We are devoted to placing members first and make every effort to provide impeccable customer service while building trust and loyalty with every interaction.

It's About What Matters to You

More than just a credit union, we serve to strengthen communities by helping members be wise with money and inspiring them to live generously. Whether it's the trusted products we offer or the full range of services we provide, we'll do more than help meet your financial needs. Working together, we'll develop financial strategies that give you options, so you can support the people and causes you care about.

Learn more about membership in Thrivent Federal Credit Union.